Reflect05 -exhibitions are now closed. We thank all the designers for their participation in Reflect05!


...The pedestrian accidents acclaimed 216 lives in Finland between 2000-2004. Half of the deaths happened during the dark hours and half of those fatalities could have been prevented by using reflectors...

KUTEN ry, association for promoting visual culture, in collaboration with The Centre of Traffic and Safety Information in Finland and Suomen 3M Oy have organized a design competition for reflective products.

The goals of the Reflect05 -competition were to find new ideas for reflecting products, create new job opportunities for designer, increase the use of reflectors and to increase production of traffic safety equipment. With the reflector design competition Kuten ry wants also to address the public that design is not just a tool for styling but an important part of our society and plays an role in most of our vital daily routines. Design can save your life!

The organizers received 181 entries from designers and design students. The contestants were mainly from Finland but there were also designers from UK, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Estonia as well. The standard was very high and there are many attractive, clever and technically developed designs among the works. The jury decided to give a total of 4 prizes and 7 honorary mentions in the three categories.

The members of the jury are:
- Harri Koskinen, Designer
- Johanna Vainio, Fashion designer
- Hanna Yrjönen, Designer, Kuten ry
- Ari-Pekka Elovaara, Safety engineer, The Central Organization for Traffic Safety in Finland
- Jutta Behm, Sales and Marketing Suomen 3M Oy

The jury decided to give 4 prizes and 7 honorary mentions as follows (there are links from the names to presentation pages):

1000 € divided first prize in Reflector -category:
Axeli, Susanna Sorsa

1000 € divided first prize in Reflector -category:
Turvaverkko /Safety net, Pauliina Patomäki

Honorary mentions in Reflector -category:

Enlighten, Gregers Hemming Lund, Hân Pham and Kenneth Lylover

Forget-Me-Not, Anni Honkala and Hanna Koskinen

Kajastus, Jonas Hakaniemi

Reflective Capsule, Julien Bagard, Nicolas Dufoure and Jordan Harang

500 € first prize in Reflective clothing -category:
I See, Anna Salonen

500€ first prize in Freestyle -category:
Kierrejohto /Spiral Cord, Pirjetta Atva

Honorary mentions in Freestyle -category:

Aid, Eerika Korhonen

Reflecting Shopping Bag, Liisa Põime and Kerli Valk

Show Up, Henna Lindencrona

for more info contact:

Kuten ry: Association for Promoting Visual Culture.