/// the starting point: A deer shooting platform

/// artists name: Nina Rantala and Nao Saito

/// name of the artwork: Emotional Tower

Emotional Tower

'emotional tower' is an animated series of drawings of an architectural hunting tower structure. With architecture we express our changing emotions toward the hunting tower by giving anthropomorphic character to it’s architecture.

The story starts when we received the picture of the deer hunting tower for PS2. That was the evening we visited Nina’s parents place in northern Finland, had elk meat dinner and listened to Nina’s dad’s hunting stories. The picture was so poetic. The fragile, tiny hunting tower was standing in solitude, leaning on the tree besides it and blended into the forest around. This simple, handmade construction represented for us the archaic way of hunting.

In the process of discovering deer hunting world through listening to hunters' stories and reading some texts, our emotions towards the hunting tower slowly started to change. We got to know the systematic, modern way of breeding and getting meat where hunters make deers to come to the field every night by feeding them throughout the year. There are even hunting towers with heating, windows and television. Imagine a man in a cozy hunting tower waiting for the moment to shoot a deer from the window while watching his favorite program.