/// the starting point: A pond in Skåne

/// artists name: Karin Andersen

/// name of the artwork: "LOCH FUSKA"


When i received the photographs of the pond in Skåne, my first impression was that the calm surface of the water reflecting the trees and the sky looked like a membrane hiding something quite mysterious. I turned the images upside down: they still showed a lake with trees and sky, but everything had slipped into a quite surreal dimension.

So i started to think about a parallel world under the mirror-like water surface, where elements like real, fake, above, below, water, air, human, animal are not as separated as they seem to be in our normal world and fade one into another, playing tricks on our perceptions and our expectations of normal reality.

I started to manipulate the pictures and to draw upon them, mixing digital graphics and photo retouching, combining visual elements from children's book illustration, cartoons, commercials, fantasy art, computergames.

While the images evolved, i realized that they might be just the top of an iceberg, and that any of them could be the beginning, the end, or any transitory moment in a story or a fairy tale that has still to be told.

I don't know if anybody might care about the stories i could tell about the mysterious surreal world within the lake, but i certainly would be very interested in the stories that my friends or other people could invent about it. So i decided to complete the project with a call for interactive storytelling on the internet. The images in progress have been placed on my webiste, linked to the PS2 pages, and anyone who might be a just a little inspired could mail me his or her own text about one or more of the pictures. I also posted the call on my myspace page, in order to involve my virtual friends from the myspace community.

The images of the lake and all incoming texts will be printed on flyers. When presenting my project at the lake location, i will read the stories to the public, lock them (the flyers with the stories, not the public) into a bottle, and throw it into the lake.

As everybody knows, water has always inspired a lot of ideas, far beyond its basic physical and chemical properties: Stanislaw Lem's science fiction novel Solaris features an extraterrestial ocean with telepathic faculties and a life of its own. The water of Scotland's Loch Ness is supposed to contain a monster. In homeopathy, water memory is a concept which holds that water is capable of retaining a "memory" of particles once dissolved in it.

I don't want to claim any of those ideas to be or to come true, but i strongly suggest that the little lake in Skåne does have a memory. At least regarding some stories: on the bottom, inside a bottle.

! call for story submissions ! :

www.myspace.com/karinandersenloevenbo AND www.karinandersen.com

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