/// the starting point: A pile of gravel near Skanssen Gudmundsson house

/// artists name: Juha van Ingen

/// name of the artwork: PONEPO (Positive, Negative, Positive)

PONEPONE (Positive, Negative, Positive No:1, Sumpunlahti, Punkaharju 2007)

Inspired by Michael Heizers Double Negative

...Double Negative is a sculpture in the middle of the Nevada Desert, conceived by artist Michael Heizer and funded by gallery owner, Virginia Dwan. It was built with the use of dynamite and bull dozers. Two trenches are separated, and lined up by a natural gap in Mormon Mesa. The total distance of the two trenches and the gap measure 1,500 feet long, 50 feet deep. Over 240,000 tons of sand stone and rhyolite was removed during the construction of the trenches. The sculpture site is owned by LACMA through a gift from Virginia Dwan. Property surrounding Double Negative is owned by the U.S. Government Bureau of Land Management.

Rather than positive space taken up by the Great Pyramids, Double Negative consists of three negative spaces, one natural and two excavated holes in the ground. Overton, Nevada is approximately 65 miles from Las Vegas, from Overton. To see the site requires a four-wheel drive vehicle....

NEPOPONE, the first sketch for PONEPO

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