/// the starting point: A shed near Skanssen Gudmunsson house

/// artists name: Erik Bünger

/// name of the artwork: The Shed

The Shed

My friend Tomas told me about this shed. He grew up on a farm just three kilometers from here. When he was in his teens he used to sneak out at night and walk through the woods, just to challenge his own fear. One night while roaming around in the dark he suddenly found himself in a small clearing. There at the other end of the clearing stood the shed; its entrance illuminated by a strange light. Floating in mid-air above the entrance was a sentence written in glowing, pulsating letters. The sentence read:


"Just from seeing those words I knew that if I walked through that entrance into the shed nothing would ever be the same again. Back then I didn't really mind if things would start changing quite rapidly. I mean it's pretty boring to grow up in that part of Sweden. So I didn't think twice about entering the shed. I remember seeing a woman in there. She had a very small face. That's all I remember. On the other hand I might have dreamt that part up afterwards. Actually I don't even remember how I got back home again. To tell you the truth I'm not totally sure it wasn't all just a dream from beginning to end."

So I asked him: "Has anything been the same since your experience in the shed."

"Nothing has been quite the same.

On the other hand was there ever a time when things did stay the same?"

/// contact:

www.erikbunger.com , www.sr.ee/sing , www.sr.se/sjung