/// the starting point: Merihaka residential estate

/// artists name: Morten Steen Hebsgaard

/// name of the artwork: Merihaka Camping (The evergreen resort)

Merihaka Camping (The evergreen resort)

/// description:

Merihaka Camping is an est. 120 million € recreation project which is the initiative of a Danish artist Morten Steen Hebsgaard. The main objective is to introduce a getaway for the citizens of Helsinki with a "Disneyland-style" artificial environment of mountains and evergreens covering the area seen in the image above. The Merihaka Camping will have the biggest sports fishing aquarium in Europe and will host an annual fishing competition where thousands of skilfull sports fishermen from every part of our globe will compete for the Mayor-prize*. Merihaka Camping will bring the outdoors closer to you and your family! Online reservations for visiting the park are taken on the first come first served basis. The deposit is 50 € for a half day family camping package. The payments can be made by Pay-Pal. The deposits are non refundable*.

* The name Mayor-prize is inspired from Reykjavik, Iceland were the mayor has to open the salmon fishing season by catching the first salmon of the year.

* the park will be opened est. 2035 (If the total funding is secured.)