/// Karin Andersen

Histoire, 2004, lambda print, cm 36 x 63

/// CV:

Karin Andersen was born in 1966 in Burghausen, Germany.

After high school she moved to Bologna, Italy, where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Nuova Eloisa School for comics and illustration.

Solo exhibitions include shows in Bologna, Turin, Rome, Milan, San Marino; she also partecipated in group exhibitions and art projects in Italy, Germany, England, Finland, Austria, USA, France, Belgium and Chile.

She has curated visuals for music scene flyers and posters, educational projects, websites, LP/CD and book covers.

In her paintings, drawings, photos, digital images and video animations she tries to figure out an imaginary biosphere, focusing on comunication and interaction of different lifeforms, mixing issues relating art, science(-fiction), tecnology, philosophy and pop culture.

Since 1999 she has lectured and written about her theoretical studies on zoomorphism and hybridisation, publishing a book (Roberto Marchesini and Karin Andersen, Animal Appeal, Hybris, Bologna 2003) and articles in science and art related magazines.

/// contact:

mail (at) karinandersen.com, www.karinandersen.com, +39 339 7395339