/// the starting point: Myllypuro forest, Helsinki

/// artists name: Karin Andersen

/// name of the artwork: Playing “Sense” (A docu-fairy tale)

/// description:

Myllypuro event

Once upon a time in the late Seventies, a strange happening in a forest area near the suburbs of Helsinki was accidentally filmed by a finnish hobby filmmaker. Frightened of what he had witnessed and unaware of his incredible scoop, he never showed the film to anyone. Luckily, in 2003 the film roll was discovered by a friend of his grandson – a student of the Helsinki University of Art and Design studying the aesthetics of private super 8 family films - and handed over to experts in the fields of exobiology, ethology and communication.

Here is what the film shows.

A small UFO lands in Myllypuro-forest.

A group of humanoid aliens with reindeer-antler like antennas get out of the spaceship, while talking in an unknown language. Surprisingly, their outfit - a strange red overall suit and a cone-shaped hat or helmet - recalls both 70’s fashion design and and traditional finnish costumes.

As soon as the aliens calm down, they start to have a look around and to examine the trees, the other plants and the soil. They also check the weather and the direction of the wind.

After a short discussion they take some strange objects out of their spaceship and then start to make a large minimal drawing on the soil, composed of one big circle containing several small circles and ellipses. Seen as a whole and from above, the drawing seems to make up a strange face.

Four of the aliens step inside the small circular fields within the big circle. Three of them are holding shield-like objects, another one is carrying a sort of a bucket-shaped bag. Two other aliens just sit down in small semi-circles located at the border of the big circle.

The alien standing in the very centre of the drawing hits a small soap bar shaped object with his shield, launching it to to one of the others, who bounces it away to the next alien who fails to catch it. One of the sitting aliens jumps up to seize the object and then hands it over to the alien in the centre. They try again, and after a while the object is passed from one alien to another succesfully and finally caught up in the bucket/bag held by one of them.

After one hour of repeating the same action all of the aliens lay down for a minute. Then they take the objects back into the UFO and depart.

The only sign of their presence to be left behind is the big drawing.

Observations and conclusions

Detailed behavioral studies of the aliens’ performance strongly suggest that they had not come for traditional alien purposes (such as invading earth, destroying or saving mankind, or trying to bring cosmic messages), but simply to play a game. The shield- and bag-like objects can be compared to human rackets, baskets; the big drawing represents a playing field.

Analyzing the aliens’ voice recordings, it seems nearly certain that the name of the game sounds like the english word “sense”. “Sense” is supposed to be a traditional alien game that can be compared to human experiences like tennis, ping pong, baseball, basketball and badminton.

The film material gives evidence of a few basic “Sense” rules: there are six players positioned within the different position marks of the playing field drawn on the ground. Players 1, 2 and 3 have “rackets” and pass the “ball” from one to another, player 4 has the “basket” to catch the “ball”. While attending their turn, they have to stand in the very centre of their position marks, but when launching or catching the “ball” they are allowed to step into the outer perimetres.

Players 5 and 6 collect the “balls” to be handed over to player 1, in order to restart the loop.

There are no different teams, and no winners or losers. The game ends as soon as the players start to distract themselves, get tired, hungry or bored.

No one has yet discovered the sense of “Sense”.

The original “Sense” playing field has been slowly erased by rain, snowfall and erosion, but can be clearly viewed in satellite mappings of the early Eighties. At that time the enigma of the strange face-shaped drawing in the Myllypuro-forest raised the interest of a view scientists and esoteric communities, but it never reached the great audience of similar phenomenons like the Nazca lines or the crop circles.

After the recent discovery of the finnish super-8 document, more and more scientists and Ufologists are browsing satellite webcams, trying to find out if the “Sense-drawing” can be found elsewhere on earth.