/// the starting point: Kiasma The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Helsinki

/// artists name: Árni Gudmundsson and Cristian Rieloff

/// name of the artwork: Kiasma Aquatic

Kiasma Aquatic, the movie (opens into a new window)
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/// description:

We got caught in the title of the project. “Placing Sense” no, no, no; we are senseless.
This is one fundamental rule we share in art.
The focus of our no-sense attitude landed on Kiasma.
In our dreams we transformed Kiasma in to the biggest and most expensive sculpture of Finland.

Cristian Rieloff and Árni Gudmundsson

"We want to thank Dykhuset AB for their generous help (www. dykhuset.se) and Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland/ Suomalais-Ruotsalainen Kulttuurirahasto for the travel grant"