/// the starting point: The Main Post Office, Helsinki

/// artists name: Alena Kotzmannova

/// name of the artwork: "More than one"

The plan for the compilation of the picture (each sent card has its own number)

/// description:

When I was looking at the image of the head post office in Helsinki, I started to think about the traditional mail communication - sending letters or postcards, and also about the principle itself in a time of internet communication.

I´ve got an idea to use this way of communication for a "real" connection of two places.

I decided to work with an image of Prague's main post office. I took a photograph there (illegally) and enlarged the image to the size 80x120 cm. Then I divided it into 64 pieces, each measuring 10x15 cm, which is the size of a typical postcard.

Now I have a plan to go every day to Prague´s main post office and send a part of the whole photograph of that place as a postcard addressed to Kuten ry. It will take more than two months for the whole image to be sent to Helsinki. I suppose that all 64 postcards will get there before the opening, none will be lost and it will be possible to see the whole photograph of Prague`s main post office there.

The photograph of Prague's main post office will be gradually updated on the web site according to the number of postcards which are received in Helsinki.