/// the starting point for the work:

Front of of the Santa Maria del Baraccano Church in Baraccano Square

/// Plan B for the web :

Plan B, Bologna, Italy 2008

We were speaking about the project and Bologna and these three words popped up:

University, Politics and Religion.

Imagine if you could put these words in a cooking-pot. We are sure you get both wonderful and of course some strange results.

Just imagine if the only word that popped up in our discussion would have been “cuckoo clock”

We are looking forward to come to Bologna and present our work

Cristian and Árni

/// the work made on location in Bologna:

De vi, You shall, Du ska

A series of photographs based on the ten commandments

/// contact:

Árni Gudmundsson: arni.gson (at) gmail.com,

Cristian Rieloff: cristianrieloff (at) hotmail.com