"Untitled" (Ei Saa Peittää)
Ink and permanent marker on paper, 2006

This image I wanted to do for years. I never got to it, until Juha asked me to exhibit one image in the ShowCase. Finally, it seemed relevant, as I just visited Helsinki and met some very good people. We were discussing art for three days, and that’s what I call a seminar!

This image I have been seeing on the television screen for many years. Every time they forecast the weather (In fact I miss the forecast most of the times). I can’t really decide whether this figure is fishing or just showing his penis, and that his dog is standing beside him, with his ears on guard. If he’s showing his penis, he is also screaming. If he is fishing, I think he’s only very exited, because he almost has something on the hook.

But then again, if he’s fishing, and maybe his dog is there, and the line is just been thrown out, he must be seeing something extraordinary on the other side of the lake, like in Moscow or something.

Anyway, Do Not Cover!

Terje Nicolaisen