UKIYO-E is a live recording of one of SOLU's audiovisual sessions made for the music of Atlanta based experimental musician Richard Devine. UKIYO-E has varios videolayers, all processed and mixed with Max/Msp/Nato so there has been no video-editing after the live session.

In the piece you can see landscapes covered with "post-nuclear" noise, Qtvr-sceneries from MIR-space station, Sarajevo, Japan and Barcelona. The images of the people were taken in New York just before the Iraq-war started as part of a collaborative artprojct with Nathalie Hunter. During the project we interviewed people in Brooklyn about the possible war. At that time people were trusting but feeling futile about their future.

The name of the piece, UKIYO-E, is a japanese term translated as "prints from the floating worlds", which in the ancient times referred to the worlds between, "out of reality" as for example the world of geishas. The ambience in UKIYO-E is somehow violent and dangerous, a warning sent by an alien force who perceives things yet unseen. In the end of the video you see a geisha, the ancient wise woman who sees it all and knows it all, turning around while being covered with white dust, reminding of a ghost from hiroshima after the atom bomb... what goes around comes around...


(on the website you can see only the beginning of the video, due to lack of space on the server,if youre interested, I can send a DVD)