"2circle" paintings

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I have made a series of paintings which I call "2circle" paintings. They are meant to be hanged on the walls of a home. One will find in the series a painting of the right size and suitable colour for every corner of the home: bedroom, dining room, above the sofa ...

A natural place to display "2circle" paintings is a furniture store: there the objects on sale are grouped in a home-like manner and I need only to choose a suitable painting to go with each group. I find that this arrangement works brilliantly.

When I showed home-paintings in an art museum, I borrowed furniture from the store where I had previously had my paintings on sale. I did this to demonstrate that the paintings were meant for a home. I also wanted to indicate the object-likeness of an abstract two-dimensional painting. Pure painting - unlike the withdrawn illusion of an image - wants to interact with the surrounding space and objects around it.

Pekka Nevalainen
Sorttilantie 88
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