The Big Bang of The Suburb
Tape drawing from 2004.

I try to transform and combine the reflections I make. Often I play categories against each other: real vs. artificial, illusion vs. reality, nature vs. culture. Based on a belief that there is no absolute truth - there is a flip side to every coin. Many good intentions has been put in varied idelogy through time but some how they all seem to stumble sooner or later - some worse then others.

I like to play the role of the misunderstood scientist who believes he is doing only good things to his surroundings. With the work: “Introducing Modern Western Living To the Animal Kingdom” I made a model for birds so they also could enjoy some of the benefits of the modern culture (four socialbuildings - with a capacity of 288 nest). I used some of the guied lines made by le Corbursier when he invented the socialbuilding for humans - Which my calculations are based on together with the measurements of all danish type 1 bird`s nest.

The scientific processes of terminology and categorisation are an act of control, and in that they follow the dominant ideology of their time. Which is a theme I like to explore.

Morten Steen Hebsgaard
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