"Taking Place"
black and white photographs, dimensions variable

I was sitting in a coffee house outside Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence, Italy, May 1996), wondering how I had come into a particular situation in my life. The gesture of placing a hand in front of my mouth grew spontaneously from feeling of being displaced. I documented the situation with my 35 mm camera.

I continued to repeat this small-scale photo-performance when I am abroad. "Taking Place" has become my travelogue (above "Chicago 10/2000").

There is a sense of film noir and mystery in the series. Is it the same woman in all of the pictures? Is this a crime scene? Why does she go to these places, some of which are recognizable tourist sites others more obscure?

"Taking Place" is built on repetition; my intention is to continue the series until I die. This piece is a record of passing through time as well as places visited.

Hanna Maria Anttila